Population Growth of U.S. States in 2020

choropleth map.jpg

I decided to make a Choropleth map on the population growth of the United States so far in 2020. It’s always been fascinating to me how many people are in this country so I thought it was great topic to choose.

I used excel to create this map. I first found the growth stats of each state on this site. Then I inserted them in list format with each state corresponding to their growth state in another list next to it. Then I inserted a map and it appeared as the picture above. The excel spreadsheet I worked on can be found right here: choropleth map.

It took me about an hour to research the project, insert the stats, then create the map to my liking and to also figure out excel. I chose the color scheme because I felt it could be easily seen and contrasted well with each other. They did not let me customize a color scheme, I just had to go with the colors that were offered and I thought orange was different and worked well. The only thing I wish I could’ve or at least known how to change is the legend. I tried to make it bigger but it wouldn’t let me make the colored bar any bigger and it just looked strange with big font and a small bar. I also couldn’t figure out how to change the numbers on the legend.

Overall, I liked working on excel. I had never used excel in this way before so it was different and also kind of difficult. I knew I wanted to put my information down first and I thought excel was a great program to do that. I then looked more into it and all the tools and saw they offer a creating maps tool. I explored more into it and created my map this way. I didn’t originally plan to use excel to create my map I just wanted my information down easily and I knew excel would be great to organize it for me. I did struggle a bit but thinking back I don’t know how else I would have created a choropleth using another program because now I understand this method on this program excel.


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