Best Places I’ve Visited (Categorized!)

While pondering what to make a Google Map about after using up all my ideas on past projects, I decided, why not do places I’ve visited and enjoyed the most! (I understand this may not be the absolute best example of Google Maps wanted for the project BUT I think many will find enjoyment). And, just maybe, it will help some classmates discover these places next time they vacation!

My map is consisted of Four Categories: Best Restaurants, Best Cabin Get-Aways, Best Spring Training Destinations (for us baseball fans out there) and Best Beaches.

The Map consists of not only United States Territories but recently seen territories on my cruise to the Caribbean Sea.

I hope everyone viewing my personal map can find at least one spot they would want to view during future travels! I have had a lot of fun traveling to these destinations and I look forward to seeing everyone else’s project on the blog!

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