Caribbean Tongues

Foreign Voices

I used the program Photoshop to create this map. I did find a template and used it as a basic map and then I edited it and added the extra features like the legends and etc. I am used to using photoshop so there’s not much I dislike, it’s more I wish I knew how to do certain things better.

It was more data collection than research as my knowledge of the Caribbean is good and this just gave me more of a horizon. It wasn’t too hard to find languages these countries spoke as there isn’t many statistics to it but it was interesting to find out. There were many more dialects but for the purpose of the map, I chose the most known and used on every island.

The researching process wasn’t too hard as it was more of looking up what countries speak what languages, so it was pretty simple on that part. Creating was a little more work as I needed to make a legend and choose colors to rep the languages. I also needed to make sure it had a neat look.

The design and the decisions made to where it is now was trivial but also need to make sense so it can mold a better look. I tried to base it off the languages’ origin, for example, Spanish is from Spain so I had the Spanish speaking countries red. I put the legend where it is because it was the biggest and most open area to put it in. It was the best because anywhere else it would have to be reduced size which makes it unnoticeable so I feel like it was the perfect spot.


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