New Jersey Counties Population Size

This weeks assignment was more challenging for me then the rest. I have been creating my infographics using Canva each week which I have had experience using in the past. However, this week I was unable to create my map in Canva. Canva didnt have a map present template and I personally felt like it would be very challenging to complete my map with out a template on Canva. I decided to use Photoshop to create my map this week.

I first started by researching the population size of the Counties in New Jersey. I decided to pick this as my topic as I am from New Jersey and I have friends in neighboring counties and was curious to which county was the largest. I was able to find a website the easily gave me the population size of all 21 counties. Once I had that information I found a plan map of New Jersey and imported it into Photoshop. I then created my key for which color would represent each population size. I felt like having the key made prior to coloring in my map would be more beneficial and ease the process.

Once the key was made I used the selection tool to select each individual county and fill it in with the represented color. I choose to use shades of blue and my town of Paramus falls in Bergen County and our school colors are blue and white. Since I was doing my topic on New Jersey my home town and our colors immediately came to mind. After each county was colored I then had to individually type the name of each county and place it into the proper piece of the map.

I wouldn’t say that I had any problems with creating my map but I did feel like it was very time consuming. Having to select and paint in 21 pieces and then label them definitely took some time. However, I was proud of the photoshop skills that I remebered and used to create my map.

I found the information of the Counties population from

I found the image of the state from

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