Daytona Int. Speedway Crash Locations

For this weeks map infographic I have chosen to show the top 3 most popular locations for disaster at Daytona International Speedway. The Daytona 500 kicks off the NASCAR season every year, and is notably one of the fastest tracks in the country. That being said, this is the biggest race of the year at some of the highest speeds possible, so wrecks are bound to happen. I have pinpointed three locations on track where most incidents occur, and also gave some background on some of the most famous accidents that have occurred in these sectors of the track (I am surprised that they don’t have their own names given their history). I created my map by using photoshop, and found a template of Daytona from an overhead view, which is the easiest way to identify the turns on the track. Research was definitely the hardest part of this assignment as I watched multiple videos on wrecks at this track and also read articles discussing last lap accidents that have happened at this track.

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