Top Five Grossing Movies of 2019; Avengers, Lion King, Star Wars, Frozen II, and Toy Story 4, Claim Victory

Top 5 Grossing Movies of 2019

For this second graphs and charts infographic, I decided to switch up the topic and create them on The Top Five Grossing Movies of 2019.  I am a big movie fan and I love going to the theatre to watch the new movies that come out each year. I would have to say that 2019 had some pretty great movies, although I’m not a huge Avengers fan, I actually fell asleep accidentally during the movie (whoops), others in the top five like The Lion King for example, was one of my favorites this past year! The information, like last time, was pretty easy to find and did not take me long to take the information provided on the website and transfer that information into an Excel sheet and make into graphs. I found the information on and it took me about 20 minutes to find the information that I wanted to use for my graphs. I took my graphs that I made by using Excel and added them to Canva and started to add a title and graphics to my Canva document. The process to create this second graphs and charts infographic took me, again, approximately an hour to complete. As for the design process, I chose to make my graphs and charts infographic green because the overall concept is dealing with money and money is green, therefore I made them green. I chose to make the font a bold font since these are the top movies and need to be recognized and kept it pretty simple. I added a few money, ticket, and movie scene graphics to go along with the top grossing movie and ticket theme to add some more design aspects to the infographic as a whole.


Information Reference:

Annual Movie Chart – 2019. (2019). Retrieved from

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