Graphs and Charts: Round Two!

Temperature Highs graphs 2Temperatures

For this assignment, I used Canva and I found this assignment to be a bit harder than the last, because the most common graph types are bar, pie, and line. For this assignment we needed a fourth and it was extremely hard to do a scatter plot on Canva, so I resorted to, which gave me the radar chart, which is the second graph shown. The research process for this was super simple, just picked two cities and googled their temperatures over the past decade and the same website came up, so I pulled data from the same site, which is more than ideal. I made the first graph a little more detailed, but left the last one a little simple due to the fact that I know how to navigate Canva better than, and the second graph is already pretty involved, so too much on the graph would lose focus on the material.

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