My Infographic

Profile Infographic.jpg

I played around with Canva and other sites to create an infographic, but ended up going with Microsoft Word for mine. I chose to do mine on myself and make it like a resume sort of feel so that I am able to use it in the future. The reason I chose word, is because I found a template that worked for me where I could be as creative as I wanted to be, yet also keeping it very sleek and professional.
There was so much space to allow me to add as many possible things about myself that I wanted to. I was able to include icons to make each section stand out and make it fun, but including text and facts about me to keep it informational as well. For my next infographic I definitely want to try out a different program besides Word, but for now I enjoyed challenging myself by beginning more from scratch than the other sites seemed to allow.
It took me a little longer than maybe some other sites with precise templates would’ve taken me, but I enjoyed working from a blank screen and adding as I went. Word was maybe not the best choice but I did like it for what I decided to create. Next time I will go outside the box even more for an infographic and make it more colorful and fun. I tried to keep the colors professional and simple to start but would definitely want to elaborate and add more to the next one.

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