The Thin Blue Line: Pennsylvania Line of Duty Police Deaths in 2019


PA Police Line of Duty Deaths in 2019 (1)I decided to complete this graphs and charts infographic on Pennsylvania Police who were killed in the line of duty in 2019.  The information was astounding to find out. My boyfriend is currently going through Police Academy to become a police officer in Pennsylvania and that is why I decided to do my graphs on PA Police.  It seems horrible to report about the amount of officers that we have lost, but I think that this information is important to know.  The information was easy to find and did not take me long to take the information provided on the website and transfer them to an Excel sheet to make the graphs.  I found the information on and it probably took me 20-30 minutes to find the information that I wanted to use and convert that information into my graphs.  I took my graphs that I made through Excel and added them to Canva and started to add other headers and graphics to the document.  This process took me around an hour to complete because I wanted to resize the graphs to make sure they took up an appropriate amount of space on the document.  As for the design process, the police are often identified by the Thin Blue Line.  Therefore, blue was a key color used in this graphic design. As you can see in the first graph, Deaths by Incident, I chose to make the bars blue to represent that thin blue line and placed a black background to draw some contrast from the color and the typical white background of the infographic.  In the second graph, I decided to switch it up a bit and use a blue background, sticking with the color theme and used a simple white as the graph color. As for font choices, I stuck to a simple, bold font to show the authority that police have and keep it serious. I used a picture from Canva (which uses Pixabay pictures) of a police car, added a blue tint to it, blurred it, and placed it as a background to the header of the infographic to make it stand out, yet connect to the rest of the infographic without the background being boring.  I added a few police car and calendar graphics beside the titles of the two graphs to show their relation to the theme of each of the graphs.


Information Reference:

Honoring Officers Killed. (2020). Retrieved from

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