Music Streaming in 2019

This week I chose to center my infographics around streaming music because I am an avid music listener. I created both infographics with templates, and then altered these templates in photoshop to give them a unique look. I used for the first bar graph, and for the 3D pie chart. I found this information online after comparing multiple sites, and jotted the results down so I could plug them into both the pie chart and bar graph. Research did not take very long as streaming services are very common and this information is fairly new being that we are only a month into 2020. The most time consuming part of creating these infographics was matching colors and finding a font that fit well among these two charts, as well as locating the streaming service logos, cropping/sizing them and placing them in the appropriate places. My design plan was to be simple and get the point across by using neutral colors and a fairly simple font. Since both of these graphs have a decent amount of information on them I did not want to distract the reader with flashy colors and fonts, nor make it any more crowded than it needed to be. Overall I struggled a bit more with creating an infographic with this project because I am very unfamiliar with the creation of graphs and charts, but this weeks lectures helped me make both the pie chart and bar graph come to life.

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