Personal Infographic

Kali Morgia (1)

For this first assignment, I did an Infographic on myself! I used and I used a template. I scrapped most of the template and customized it to fit more within my style! It took me a couple days to get the infographic to look the way I wanted it to, so i spent quite a bit of time on it! Once I started using the program, it was very very easy to navigate and I had no trouble working with it at all. The template I used had already used these colors and I loved them so I kept them, and made the rest of the color choices around the ones already given. My dad is a graphic designer so this stuff is right up my alley! Personally, I loved the stickers. I love minimalist designs and they had a ton of stickers that fit right into my aesthetic! I loved this project and can’t wait for the rest of the class!

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