Twitter Talk

For this infographic I chose Twitter. I chose this social media platform because I don’t use it that often and wanted to find out statistics about who is using it. Finding the information did not take me long as I had an idea of what I wanted to put together in my infographic. I wanted this one to have more facts about the people on Twitter as I wanted it to be more personalized. I found all of my information in three sources in a very quick time. I constructed and worked with the online service of Canva. I love using canva because you can create your idea in ideal time. The access it gives you to images and elements is always a plus. The creation process was throughout as I wanted a blue color scheme to stick with the Twitter vibe. I wanted bold fonts for the fact that I wanted them to stick out and be noticed. This infographic was meant to be on the more basic side because of the fact that these Twitter stats are very specific and most people probably don’t know them, but fall into them. 

Sources :

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