Survivor: More About the Long-Running Reality TV Show

For this infographic topic I decided to focus more on the entertainment side and create an infographic based on one of my favorite television shows: Survivor. Creating this infographic was done on Canva, but I never use templates and always format my own color schemes and layouts. I researched this topic for only about 20 minutes since I already have a lot of knowledge about the show. The main thing I needed to confirm was the filming locations being as not every season is titled by its’ location name. As far as the winners and years broadcasted, I have seen every season so it was not too difficult to put into graphics. Overall this infographic seemed to take me longer than the others, and I feel it is because I was genuinely interested in what I was creating. The entertainment industry has always interested me, and the three hours it took to create my infographic did not seem all that bad.


Winner Photos

Game Locations

Survivor Font

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