Written & Directed by Quentin Tarantino: An Infographic

For this infographic, I chose Quentin Tarantino. I thought it would be interesting to focus on the director rather than a movie in particular because I felt like it gave me more subjects to work with. I chose Tarantino because I enjoy his movies and I find him to be interesting as a person, which translates into his movies as well.

I made this infographic on Adobe Spark in about 2 hours. Resizing and applying shadows and outlines to the letters took the most time. I typically sketch my infographics out so I know where everything is going to go beforehand but there are still occasions where I need to move things around. In this case, layering the characters at the bottom still did not give me the space that I anticipated so I moved them to the opposite side than I imagined. I looked for specific fonts through Adobe for this infographic because I wanted something that was fun but also easy to read. I wanted the infographic to look “60’s ish”.

Researching this infographic took longer than I anticipated,, about an hour. I knew I wanted to include a list of Tarantino’s movies, a quote, some of his famous characters, a breakdown of awards he’s won, and a chart of sorts. The chart took the longest to make and design because I couldn’t decide between overall profane words or a particular profanity. I ended up choosing the one profanity, so I could incorporate that design element because I thought it was funny. I put looking for pictures under research as it can be unsuspectingly time-consuming searching for pictures that are compatible and of quality.











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