Infographic of JFK and His Presidential Win

For this infographic topic I decided to do mine on John F. Kennedy. I chose to do this assignment around him because I feel as though he has one of the more interesting presidential wins. I used Canva for this infographic and I am very pleased with how everything turned out.

I started my design process by putting everything I wanted to include in a Word document. From there I browsed for credible websites that I could use in the data portion of my infographic. In my references below I included all the links to the sources from which I retrieved them. After I gathered all this in one document it was relatively easy to transfer over onto the Canva charts. It took me the most time to restructure everything to make it look visibly appealing. In the end, I feel happy with what I produced.

References – JFK

The White House – JFK

270toWin – 1960 Election


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