Women in U.S. Politics

For our topic of Politics and Election, I chose my subject to be about women in U.S. Politics. I chose to mainly focus on statistics about women in the U.S. Congress, Senate and females who are state legislators. I enjoyed making this infographic as I really was interested in researching this topic, so finding a creative way to display the information was fun. In total my research took me about 25 minutes, and creating the infographic itself took about 2 hours. All of my information displayed (images included) was collected from Represent Women and the Pew Research Center.

My infographic was created using Canva. I chose the horizontal layout this time because last time I used a portrait layout I felt crammed for space. I chose the red, white, and blue color theme in American spirit since I focused on U.S. Politics specifically. I chose the font I did because I felt like it stood out and was easy to read. I purposely made statistics, such as the different percentages featured on the infographic, different colors than the rest of the text so they would pop and grab attention.

Overall, I enjoyed this topic and creating an infographic for it. There was so much to pick from with such a broad topic. I’m currently taking Issue & Image campaign and have been focusing my presentations around women in U.S. politics and what leadership/campaigning roles look like for women. So, it was easy for me to choose what I wanted to focus on this week.

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