Top 10 Beaches in New Jersey

Source: U.S. News

For this infographic I chose to use Canva! Every week I normally have been working with Canva and I have really been enjoying it because I am learning more and more about how to use it! I started from scratch on a blank template and then chose the color light blue cause of the ocean, then added the shape of the state New Jersey and then added the designs to spice up the infographic. I loved using Canva and love using it in general because I use it for my club at BUnow at Bloomsburg and for this class!

I decided to chose beaches in New Jersey because I love the beach and I have been to a numerous amounts of beaches and I wanted to know what the top beaches are said to be in New Jersey so I chose this topic. I looked up on google top beaches and then US News came up with the top 15 beaches in New Jersey, with a description for each one so i chose to use this reliable site for my research. The research took me about 25 minutes and then the design process I would say took me an hour to pic it all together to make it look presentable.

In the beginning of my design process I started with a blank template. I then decided to chose a light blue because of the ocean and it reminded me of the beach, then added templates of shells and changed the color of them to a neutral white/cream color so match with the background. I then grabbed an outline of the state of New Jersey and put it on the canvas and made it the same white/cream color so it would pop and then for the arrows with the name of the beach I did a darkish gray so it stood out on the infographic. I chose the font for the heading bold so it would stand out and the audience would know what the infographic is describing when they are looking at it.

US News


New Jersey Map   

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