Best Restaurants in ‘The Valley’

For this assignment I chose to use where I am from as the location. Since I am from a small town and a place which is referred to as ‘The Valley’ due to a number of small towns all beside each other, I figured recognizing the best restaurants near me was the best choice.

Using Google Maps was a pretty easy process as it walked you through most of the steps. Whenever I was confused, I just played around with the different buttons and I was able to figure it out. Researching this topic did not take me long because I have lived here my whole life and know the area well! I used yelp reviews and other review sites to choose the restaurants to make sure I wasn’t biased when listing them. I did not rank them in order because they all have a different taste! To each is there own as they say! Creating this map took longer than I expected because of the details you had to put into each hot spot. My design process was basic for this project as I didn’t want anything to get confusing while reading my map. There’s nothing more frustrating when trying to pick a restaurant or using a map than when you don’t understand it. I kept things simple and let the map do the explaining.

I tried embedding the code and this is what shows up… I am also attaching a screenshot.

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