Best Restaurants in Reading, PA


This week was by far the most challenging weeks I would say. This was one of the more difficult assignments given to us and since I have never used google maps before and created my own I struggled a tad when creating mine. I would always forget to make sure I am at the correct layer but then realized I was on another and had to remove it and click on the correct one then retype everything again for the description. I did enjoy this assignment though, because I did it on restaurants back home that are my all time favorite to go to!

This probably took me an hour or so to research to make sure I had a variety of different food places and not just all Mexican food but that I had several different ones. Combined doing the research and map took me about an hour and a half to two hours because I wanted to make sure I did everything correctly, and met all the stuff on the sheet that was given to us to receive full credit.

For my design process I chose to do Burger Places, Mexican Places, Bar Food Places, and Seafood Places. I did these on my hometown and places I have went before and absolutely loved! I chose different color for each category and then for the symbols. For the Burger Place I used a burger for the icon, for the Mexican Place I used a Fork/Knife because they didn’t have a taco logo, for the bar food I used a martini glass, and for seafood I used the fish icon. I feel like all the icons I chose to use match with the food category on the map so it made sense when looking at the map. I chose to pick places within a certain amount of distance away from each other but also not too close together so you had a variety of places to chose from.


Stokesay Castle & The Knight’s Pu

Liberty Tap Room

Plaza Azteca

Gigi’s Penn Side Drive In

Brewer’s Bar & Grill

Willoughby’s on Park

Sly Fox West Reading

On the Boarder    

Mission BBQ

Coastal Grille

The Works

La Fogata Mexican    

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