An Insight of Social Media use in the United States.


Like last weeks infographic, I decided to use Canva again. I was really happy with how my design from last week turned out so I was set on trying out this application again. I took Dr. Frohlich’s advice and used Canva on my laptops browser rather than using its application on my iPhone. I found it much easier using it on my laptop and spent significantly less time moving and adjusting my designs.

I researched this topic using google. Being aware that social media use is a fairly popular topic, I made sure to only use sources that were credible. I kept my eye out for government service sites but couldn’t find any that made sense to my desired idea. I ended up using a “.org” site called “Pew Research Center.”

My research process took me approximately a half an hour. I was stuck between a few topics, so most of my time was spent deciding which research seemed most interesting to me. Creating the infographic itself took me little over an hour. I played around with different charts and graphs to see which looked the best and portrayed my research in the most efficient way.

For this infographic I used a pre-made design. I kept a similar layout but changed the colors to orange and blue. I felt as though these colors were pleasing to the eye, yet were colorful enough to stick out. I kept the chart and graph the same color as the theme to create organization and togetherness.


Pew Research Center

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