A Look at Housing in America

For this infographic I used Canva Charts and Adobe Spark. This was my first time using Canva Charts but I thought it was super user- friendly. I prefer making charts and bar graphs in Microsoft Excel but I find that Canva allows for things to be more aesthetically pleasing and is more navigable.

I found these statistics on the Census website. I chose housing statistics because I thought it was interesting and provided the opportunity to use different charts and even expand on it if desired. It took me about 30 minutes to find the data and decide how I wanted to display it, and then another 30 minutes creating it.

I chose a minimal color palette and simple layout because I wanted to focus on making the charts and graphs and the different ways data can be displayed. I chose a pie chart for the homeownership rate because it was only two categories. I used a bar graph for bedrooms in those occupied units because I thought it was an effective way to show the differences between the percentiles. I also thought it was the best way to show that 0 bedrooms is not at 0%. I would have liked to put the percentage on the bar graph because the graph goes by increments of 25%

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