Dwayne Johnson Infographic

By Robert Marvin

For this infographic i used Canva. I’v never used Canva before, so I was learning how to use the website. It was a little difficult at first, but started to get the hang of it when i used the website more. I decided to use a template for my project. The thing I didn’t like from using a template is I was having trouble moving different things in the template.

I searched DwayneJohnson on Google. A lot of his information I already knew from being a fan, like watching his movies, and watching WWE. It took me about an hour to complete this assignment. It took me a while, because I was trying out different templates.

My design process was pretty simple, I used a custom template, just because i thought it would be a little easier. I pictures i decided to choose were in order on the timeline. for instance I used a picture of him on the Miami Hurricanes when i talked about his football carrier. I like the layout I chose, and how it alternates every block.

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