Political Jargon: The words you’ll need to know to get through this election season!

If you’re not much into politics like myself, you may have wrestled with this week’s assignment. I’ve never been one to closely follow the races & elections, because it honestly stresses me out to know how much weight the government has on our society. However, I do plan to further educate myself in the world of politics upon graduation.

This week I used Canva to create my Politics Infographic. I took a simple, yet educational route for those that lack the political jargon & vocabulary that we’re often faced with this time of year. I found a reliable source for the definitions that I used in my infographic, and although I’m familiar with most of these terms, that doesn’t mean someone else won’t learn from them! I stuck to the color scheme of red, white, and blue because I thought it was professional & eye-catching at the same time.



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