2016 Presidential Election

For this infographic, I had to do a little bit of research on the 2016 Presidential Election. I had the most general knowledge on this election, so I figured I could just build off of that while researching and creating my infographic. As much as I don’t really like wikipedia as it may contain false information, that is the source I used for my information as well as my map graphic. It was the website that had the most information in one place, and had everything set up so it was easily accessible. This infographic was fun to make, because I had plenty information to fill up my spaces, so I could kind of fly through it once I collected all of my data and facts. It took me maybe 20 minutes to actually design the document, but took me maybe 30-40 minutes until I gathered all of the information I wanted to include. I chose to stick with the usual red white and blue color scheme to represent the Presidential Election. I also chose a very clean and modern font, as this helps to represent the seriousness of the topic. I didn’t want to use a fun and artsy font because I feel that wouldn’t fit this infographic as well.

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