Pennsylvania: A Swing State

PA Elections

For this infographic assignment, I first wanted to do one on socialism in America/Bernie Sanders, but I realized that was too broad. So I thought swing states were interesting and important, and Pennsylvania is one of them. Pennsylvania is actually a very interesting state to watch in elections, as my infographic will demonstrate, as it can go swing Democrat or Republican.

I chose my years based on the maps I could find, so if it seems random that I chose 2004, 2012 and 2016, that’s why. Ideally, I would have done it from the 2000 election onward, but public domain election maps by county weren’t the easiest to find for every election. I’m also not a complete expert of using Power Point for infographic with readjusting sizes yet.

I think that although the years are kind of inconsistent, they do serve an important function of underscoring changes throughout the years. As the infographic shows, several counties changed political party hands. It’s interesting to study why, for example, that a county like Centre would vote Republican in 2004 but then change to Democrat in 2012.

Another interesting thing is the charts. The pie charts show how close most elections were, but the bar chart zooms in and shows the differences. For those I tried to make the units smaller, but was unable to. I don’t like how 2012 and 2016 turned out with increments of 50 because I think they exaggerate the case. The design was pretty simple. I chose a simple red-white-blue color scheme. And yes, I know the pie charts look like the Pepsi symbol, I noticed and kept it that way because I like it.

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