Barack Obama

Obama InfographicFor this weeks infographic I choose to research and illustrate my research on Barack Obama. I really don’t follow politics and try to avoid conversations on this topic. Since I really don’t follow this topic I just decided to be a recent president to research. I used canva to create my infographic like every other week. I am getting a hang of this platform and the paid version is helpful in resizing it as I work to make sure I fit all my information in. I first wanted to give a basic overview of who he is and his background prior to becoming President. I then thought a basic timeline of his political background was beneficial to understanding his background. Lastly, adding a graph to show how much he made when he was a president and what he is making now as a retired president is a huge eye opener. I never knew that they were paid so much and they didn’t even have to take such a pay cut when they leave office. When deciding my color scheme it was a easy answer to stick with Red, White and Blue which is fitting to the United States and a former president. I found my information and the photo used from a variety of websites. The websites used are as followed, ,, and

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