United States Gun Control Law Issues

When beginning the politics and elections infographic, I chose the idea of gun control because my family is very two sided on this issue and it makes me very in the middle on how I feel about it. I had to do research to really understand the laws put into place for gun use. I used the program Canva.com to create my infographic and overall, I think it went really well. I began my infographic with an already existing template but by the time I was done with it, it was completely changed except for the background of clouds, grass, and trees. I created blocks to put my graphs and charts in so they would stand out from the background and added images on my infographic so viewers can get a visual feel of my topic as well. The only thing that I disliked about this template I used was how the blocks I interested covered all the tree in the background. Unfortunately, the background looks and fits best how it was made so what I added to the infographic had to look best with the background I had.

It took me about 30-45 minutes to completely research the topic of gun control and find out all I needed to know to be able to create charts I could understand. I did look up a lot of already mad charts and graphs about gun control on the internet so I started to get an idea of what to create. It then took me about an hour and a half to create the infographic itself. My design process started with the background looking like the outdoors and where someone might hunt and break the gun control laws. Gun control doesn’t always have to apply to just violence but unfortunately, a lot of the time it does. I chose mostly dull color choices when creating the rest of this infographic because my topic is not positive and also wanted the background to still stand out. The graphs and charts mostly display gun casualties, acts of violence, and overall U.S. deaths but that is clearly what the U.S. has found most important to document in the past years. Lastly, I chose the layout I did because graphs and charts can make your infographic feel messy at times and with the use of blocks to distinguish exactly where they will lie, it really makes the whole thing feel more organized.

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