Politics for Dummies: The basic history of the Democrats & Republicans.


Left v Right


When I first saw the topic for this week’s assignment I let out a great big UGH! I will openly admit that I do not typically follow anything remotely related to politics so coming up with a topic was not easy. I also don’t typically wait til one of the last days to complete these assignments but like I said, this one had me stumped. My first thought was to start from the beginning and check out the political parties and their histories. From there I decided to work with that: I chose to go with a simple topic but wanted to make sure the graphic itself still looked professional.

I again used Canva to create my infographic . I really like using this site because it offers tons of graphics to use. Some of my favorite aspects of this infographic are the images themselves. For instance, I chose to incorporate the terms “right and left wing” by placing a wing properly on each side. So now instead of stating the info, I am giving it a visual representation. I chose Lincoln and Jackson to represent the parties because they seemed to be some of the most influential. I was pretty shocked when I saw that the US is pretty much equal when it comes to the percentage of people in each group, including the Independent party.

I feel as though I learned a lot because of this project. It allowed me to get a better understanding of each political party and analyze where my beliefs stand. I am very proud of this project.

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