NFL Free Agency 2020

Finance Infographic


Above is my infographic regarding the 2020 NFL Free Agency. I made this in photoshop from scratch, which I enjoy because it allows me to create it in my image. I created my graph on, this was a fantastic program that was simple to use.

All my information for my bar graph was gathered from

All of my contract information was gathered from:

The infographic took me roughly 3 hours to create.  I primarily used the font “Freshman” as it is the font the NFL uses for advertisements. I tried to make my header appear to be the NFL Logo and I followed the NFL’s style for the rest of the design. The color of the bars in the chart are the team’s main color. The color for the circles the players are in are the team’s main colors. Listed below are my links to images:

Arik Armstead:

Ryan Tannehill:

Robert Quinn:

Byron Jones:

Amari Cooper:

NFL Logo:

White Stars:


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