THE LOST ART$: Theaters VS Virus

Source: Business Insider

As I have done so often in this semester, I will once again talk about films. This time, in particular, theaters and their non-existent business during this troubling time.

As a movie goer, I like to go see the newest films. Whether it’s a big Hollywood Blockbuster or An Independent Artist’s low budget craft, each holds the same weight with me. But, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has put a damper on not only the economy, but the theater business in general!

However, some drive in theaters are managing to attract more business in this day and age of social distancing! ( )

Above, the graphic I designed is meant to show the depletion of the box office and how much of a loss this might ensue. I also understand that this chart is not directly linked to theater prices because only a theater gets (30%) off every ticket and their major in-take is pop corn and refreshments (which is not being sold at all right now). Though, I must state this is a major loss for all entertainment companies.

This Infographic is hopefully not the foreseeable future in trends. The virus, however, does allow companies to explore the possibility of Straight to Demand films only and see how much of a profit they can make (eliminating the middleman – theaters and distribution sights). I am against this but we shall see what the future holds within the next couple months.

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