A Look into Our Future:Top 5 concerns for US economy



Basically right now all I hear about is the novel coronavirus going around, so naturally I had to check out some statistics. Our economy is predicted to hit another recession due to the lack of consumer spending. My search led to me find the top 5 concerns for the US economy; they are: financial market, technology, automobiles, retail, and travel & hospitality. Each one is included with a graphic to match the title.

At the end of the graphic I included a chart showing the percentage of decease in consumer spending since December ’19. If it continues on this slope it could be fatal to the US economy.

I used Canva again to make this info graphic. I used a template because I loved the color scheme and I really enjoyed making it. The information I found was helpful in my thinking for the future and I feel we should all be monitoring these statistics and be sure to stay ahead of the curve.

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