For this assignment, just like many others, I stuck with the topics of Sports in the United States. To clarifying, the counted sports teams consisted of “Professional Franchises”, not including college or amateur athletics…mostly because I did not find a source confirming those numbers in their charts!

NFL, NBA, WNBA, MLB, MLS, NHL, (and introducing the XFL!)

The project took a few days to complete, just to confirm with all different sources because no one source had every state listed. Looking over the map, it is hard to imagine the divide in the range for sports teams even in neighboring states (ex. California vs. Nevada/Utah/Oregon). It just goes to show you that the two key factors mentioned in Business Insider, “population radius” and ” average income” are bigger factors than what we think.

This was a fun assignment. There are things I wish I could have did better, for example, coloring. Photoshop wasn’t having anything to do with the transparent images I used, so it made life difficult and had to go in and color by mouse. Overall, this was a worthwhile assignment.

Sources: (For some data) (not claiming it as a reliable source, but their numbers did match others on this reference list!)

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