Map of Pennsylvania Population by County

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This weeks assignment took me longer than the other assignments we did this semester. Starting off was a little rocky because I have only used Canva thus far, but I realized that I couldn’t just use Canva I had to use another platform to do this assignment. I decided to use Photoshop to make the map and I had a little trouble at first, because I haven’t used Photoshop a whole ton and didn’t really know how I was going to do it. So I went on youtube and watched a couple videos to help me figure out how I was going to do it. I decided to do the population of Pennsylvania by county, because I felt it would be the most interesting to me seeing that I have lived in PA all of my life. I downloaded a Map with all of the counties already filled in then I looked up a different map of the population by county. I used the selection tool to select each county and then I used the paint tool to paint each county based on their population. From there I downloaded the map I made on Photoshop then I went on Canva to make it look more like an infographic. After I got the hang of what I was doing I really did enjoy making this and making it my own even though I used a map to look off of.


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