Celebrities from Pennsylvania- By County

Colorful Hexagon Mind Map (1).png

The program I decided to use for my Map Infographic this week was Canva. Now that I am pretty used to the site, it makes it much easier to be able to just focus on the creativity aspect. I chose to make a map of some of the most popular celebrities that are from the state of Pennsylvania. Right when it came to mind I knew I had to do it because it’s always so interesting to me when I find out a celebrity is from my state or even right near me. Krysten Ritter is actually from Bloomsburg (located in Columbia County as shown on the map). I decided to showcase the county rather than the exact town because it makes the map look more concise and simple, not so busy and unable to read.

This was my favorite Infographic to make so far actually! It took me about a half hour but then I got caught up having so much fun in my research. I used Canva but didn’t use a template, I started from scratch. It turned out to be very colorful but not in a horribly busy way. It draws the attention of the eye and including pictures of the celebrities makes the viewer’s eye jump right to a celebrity that they know. There was countless celebrities from PA so my research wasn’t too hard and was really intriguing to me.




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