Tourist Attractions in Oahu, Hawaii


I made a Google My Maps featuring some popular tourist attractions in Oahu, Hawaii. I have never used this feature Google has to offer. It was pretty simple and I did not run into any issues. The tutorial video on BOLT walked me through and made this very simple to do. I researched my topic through my own experiences on Hawaii and through Google. Since I have visited Hawaii, I already knew of some spots I was going to include which helped speed up the process. I also used some of my own images to supplement some of the places I have been to. The whole process took me about 2-2.5 hours to research and then create.

I had a fun time choosing pictures and pin points for each location. I like that it had a creative aspect to it. It made the process more enjoyable. This project was a bit more challenging for me in general, but still super cool and good to know about!

Image References:

Diamond Head:

Pearl Harbor:

Hanauma Bay Preserve:

North Shore:

Waimea Valley:

Tantalus Treehouse: My own image.

Turtle Bay:

Pillbox: My Own Image.

Manoa falls: My Own Image. 


Paradise Cove Luau:

Waikiki Beach:

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