Historic PA


My project was too ambitious.

I really wanted to extensively research local PA historical sites and attractions to put on this map. I only got about 10 sites total, and some are more historic than others. I also wanted to highlight much lesser known sites to make the map of use, because anyone interested in PA already knows about Philadelphia, Gettysburg and Pittsburgh. I didn’t to add to the obvious.

Instead I started with what I originally thought were 19th century failed experiment “utopias,” but later learned where early 17th and 18th century religious communities. These were quite interesting, and I’m glad I put them on the map. Both of the sites are actually quite far away, on two separate ends of the state; while the rest of the sites are quite close together.

I chose the rest of the sites based on what I knew or found. Many sites are in Williamsport, like the Edison and Douglass visits and the Otto Bookstore. There’s also one in my home town (a place Thomas Edison visited) and the Edison in Sunbury.

Some of my places also didn’t have photos, like my community hall and the bookstore, surprisingly, so they had to go without.

Although I finished the map for now, I would like to return to finish it for my own reference in the future. It’s a very interesting map idea, and I’m getting much more curious in exploring the state.

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