Best Wineries near Bloomsburg, PA

When creating this map, I didn’t really run into any challenges with Google that slowed me down. This was my first time using MyMaps but it was pretty self explanatory and easy to understand. I started off researching this topic because visiting wineries is a hobby my mother and I have started and being that I reside in Bloomsburg as of right now, I looked for wineries close by! It did not take me long to research the topic as Google gives you the top results for Best Wineries near Bloomsburg when you type it in. Creating the map was a bit more time consuming and adding the small details for each place on the map is what took most of my time. For my design process, I wanted to keep it simple and easy to understand for the person viewing the map. I used a bold color red to distinguish the locations and a little wine glass image to show where the wineries sit on the map. Overall, I believe this map came out very well and showed me there is a lot more to do around Bloomsburg than I actually thought!

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