The Human Heart….Diagram

superior Vena Cava

For this assignment I chose to do a diagram of the human heart. To create my infographic I decided to work with the Canva website. I did not use a template because I felt that this type of assignment needed to be done from scratch.

First, I searched Google to find a free picture of a human heart that was clear and would work well as a diagram. I love working with Canva, I think it is such a good website to create infographics because they offer so many tools for you to use for your projects.

I researched this topic by using Google. I made sure to get a reliable source to create the diagram and went from there. It took me about 10-20 minutes to research this topic and then about 30-45 more minutes to create the infographic. It took me this long to complete the whole thing because after seeing all of the diagrams on Google, I had to choose which of the elements were most important to include within.

My design process was organized and simple. I uploaded the photo onto the blank canvas and places arrows in each of the sports where I was going to label, then I started on the right side of the heart and did a big circle, labeling each important part and I went around. As for the colors, I chose Black font so that it would be visible and clear throughout the diagram and I chose the red lines on the top and bottom, to accent the picture of the heart. The fonts I chose were simple and easy to read and that is why I decided to go with them.

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