iPhone 11 Pro Max Pictorial Diagram

When I began creating this infographic, it was a bit different than what we usually work on. Creating a diagram seems like something so simple but you must make sure you have all the required information to complete a pictorial diagram. I used Canva.com once again to create this diagram as it has many amazing templates for diagrams as well! I wanted to use one for this infographic but ended up making one completely my own when it came to filling in the diagram. When researching for this topic, I wanted to choose something that I used and see everyday but I know I still don’t know everything I should about it. Over Christmas break, I got the newest iPhone, the iPhone 11 Max Pro and it has more detail and additions to it then any phone i’ve ever had. I thought it would be good to take some time getting to know the iPhone and all the qualities it has to it.

It took me a little over 20 minutes to research the topic as I wanted to choose something different than an animal or something else I knew everyone else would choose. It then took me about an hour to create the infographic and add all the details the phone has to offer. My design process starts will color coordination always. I always try to match my text, the background and the details with the same range of colors so the infographic is visually pleasing as well. My layout choices for this infographic were to keep it simple but also with enough detail that the product looks interesting and appealing to the eye. I believe overall this infographic came out really well and for those who don’t know much about the newest iPhone, this will give them a good glimpse at what it has to offer!




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