Anatomy of the Human Brain

Broca Area

I made this infographic with Canva and enjoyed making it because the program is very easy to use. I did not use a template to make this I started from scratch and had fun playing around with all the tools and making it my own.

I decided to make and infographic on the human brain, because over this past weekend I visited the Franklin Institute and they had a human brain exhibit and it really inspired me for this assignment. I used this website to research the different parts of the brain. It did not take me long to research for this assignment, because once I found a website with the information I needed it was easy to go from there.

I started with a blank white background and then used a picture of the brain that Canva already had on their website. From there I decided to use red arrows to label each part, because they stood out and were easy to point out. I didn’t want the background to be complex to distract the viewer from the diagram of the brain so I just chose a simple whit and black dotted line background, because I felt it did not take away from the diagram. For the text I just chose black and no crazy text so the viewer could easily read everything.

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