Anatomy of a Dolphin


I used Canva to create my infographic. I am really starting to get comfortable using it and  even learning new tricks to better my graphic. I learned how to lower the transperency of the background to allow the words to stick out more. When I started to create my graphic I used custom dimensions and started from scratch. I decided to research a Dolphins external anatomy as I was just in Miami and it made me think of the beach and I wanted to see a Dolphin on my trip but didn’t. I simply searched Dolphins anatomy and the website came up. This website helped me learn about the different parts of a dolphin and what the main purpose of them are. Once I had my information I simply found a picture of a dolphin in which I placed it onto the background of the ocean water. The background I selected seemed fitting to the animal I was labeling. Overall, the longest part of my creation was adding the arrows in lining them up properly.

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