Learning Parts of a Meat Goat; A Pictorial Diagram


When provided with the instructions for creating a Pictorial Diagram Infographic, I knew immediately what I wanted to create my infographic on. For years I was a member in 4-H and the National FFA Organization. During my time as members in these organizations, I participated in the goat club and completed my Supervised Agriculture Experience projects on raising and showing market goats. Therefore, with my past history with goats, I decided to create my pictorial diagram infographic on labeling different body parts on a goat. I limited the amount of body parts that I labeled for this infographic to focus mainly on the most asked about parts when showing in the showmanship classes. A lot of judges in my experience, like to ask questions on harder/not so obvious body parts on animals. Parts that will make the exhibitor think hard about and that is why I labeled them on the goat. I created this infographic on Canva. One thing that I did not like about Canva when using it to create this infographic was the fact that the lines that point to the specific labeled body parts had a set minimum length and I could not make them any shorter. I used resources that I used while being a 4-H and FFA member to label these body parts, as well as, my previously learned information and history showing goats which I have been doing for over 10 years now. It took me about 5 minutes to come up with the information and body parts that I wanted to label and about an hour to create the infographic. Working on sizing the lines to connect the body part to the label took the longest. I kept the design process simple. I used a black and white clip art styled picture and black text to label the body parts. I included a green, 4-H color, font color to the header on the infographic to tie into the fact that many 4-H members will use this resource to help them when preparing for shows and to study.

Information Reference:

Smith, K. (n.d.). Parts of a Goat. Retrieved from http://www.boergoats.com/clean/articleads.php?art=49

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