Bones in the Human Body.jpg

I decided to create a pictorial diagram on the human body. I figured that this kind of diagram is beneficial for anyone, not just people that need to learn about the human body. It is good for anyone to know about the bones in our bodies. I used Canva and had a blank template this time. I just inserted a picture and then added lines and all the bone names to its corresponding bone. It took me about 10 minutes to research the bones, find a picture, and then think of an idea on how to design and portray it. Then, another 10-15 minutes to type each bone name and match it up with lines and their bones. I chose not to do anything crazy with the design part because I figured the whole reason someone would be looking at this specific diagram would be to learn about each bone. I colored the heading text blue to make it pop out a little more instead of a basic black, hoping it would catch people’s attention out of the many other bone diagrams there can be.

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