Bloomsburg Athletic Roster Numbers Part Two!



For this week I decided to use the same numbers from last week so that I could focus on the graphs and make sure the graphic is easily readable and visually pleasing. I utilized canvas again as I feel like I am starting to really understand and work well with this platform. I also still have my free trial which is helpful in being able to adjust the size of my infographic while working on it to allow for maximum space for my images and graphs. For this week I used last weeks infographics which I made from scratch.

I started by deleting the graphs that I had on my infographics and created a new one. Last week I made a pie chart and a bar chart so this week I decided to create a donut chart and a line graph. Typically when I think of graphs I think bar and pie charts so I spent sometime adding in my information and making sure that the information was being portrayed the best way possible. After I made new graphs I think worked with canva to change the background while still sticking with Bloomsburg colors as my color scheme. For this week I choose to still keep other graphics but I lowered the transparency of them to really help ones eyes going to the graph of information and not the sport graphics.

Since I used the same statistics as last week I didn’t spend anytime with my research this week which helped me try out different graphs and find what I felt was the best way to visually share my information.


All of the information on my infographic was found on each sports teams official roster websites.

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