US Firearms Infographic

For this infographic, I pretty much started from scratch on canva. I did use a template, but ended up deleting everything on it and starting from scratch. I felt more comfortable this time around while making this infographic. It went a lot better for me. Doing the research probably took the longest because I couldn’t come up with a decent topic. Every topic I thought of I had a hard time finding data for. So I decided to pick a common topic in the news because I was able to find quality data on it. I chose a bright color because I thought it was bold, but then I used shades of black and grey because this seems to be a dark topic to talk about. I wanted to use colors that represented both sides but also looked good together. I didn’t want to put other graphics on it because for this topic I thought the more simple, the better it will look. The picture I found was from the one website I used and tied the two graphs together. So I made it into a banner to bring the two graphs together. This infographic went a lot better for me this time around.

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