The Top 5 Most Populated States in the United States of America!

To create these infographics, I started from scratch and used Microsoft PowerPoint. I love how easy it is to make visually appealing charts and graphs of any kind on PowerPoint. Everything is pretty straight-forward and does not take long to complete, especially when you have prior experience with PowerPoint.

I researched my chosen topic by plugging it into Google and then finding a reputable source with accurate information. In total, it took me about 1.5 hours to research and then create my infographics.

First, after I decided I would be using Powerpoint, I picked a theme I liked with simple colors. I then chose which types of graphs I would like to use and then plugged the data in. Once the charts were created, I had to correct a few of the defaulted design choices that I did not like. For example, I had to include commas within the numbers in each of my charts. I also had to add titles to each of the axes. I left the font on default as I thought it looked good as is. Overall, I am happy with each of my infographics. They are simple, not overwhelming or flashy, and convey the information intended.


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