Learn About Bloomsburg University’s Athletic Statistics!


This assignment was a lot easier for me then last week. For starters I was way more familiar with Canva and the many features available to me. I also still had my free trail from the start so I didn’t have to fight with the program to get what I wanted. I also had an easy vision for what my two topics would be about. Being that I am a student athlete myself I have always been curious to see what teams carried more athletes then another. So I choose to record the different sport teams here at Bloomsburg for both the Women and Men teams along with the number of athletes on the team. The research process was a tad longer then I would have liked because the statistical reports not the website was from the previous academic year so it wasn’t the most accurate. So I decided to go through each teams roster and count each athlete and record it myself. After completing my research the completion of the infographic itself was quite easy as the color scheme is the Bloomsburg colors and I knew it would make the most sense visually to add graphics for the sports being represented in the graphs. Like last week I decided to start from scratch so I could really test my creativity and achieve a unique design!


I found all of my statistics from each sports roster found from the Bloomsburg Athletics Website. (https://buhuskies.com)

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