population vs. jobs

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 12.38.03 PM


For this assignment I used Microsoft Excel. I did not use a template, I did the assignment from scratch. I liked excel. It is fairly easy to navigate. I am comfortable with it and that’s why I chose to use it. I researched this topic using New York City Population projections and U.S. Department of Labor documents.I used their data to form my charts. It did not take me long to research these topics, probably about an hour at max. However it took about an additional hour to put all the information together to create the infographic. My design process was again very simple. I like to keep my work organized and easy to read. I decided on the colors based on simplicity and sleekness, along with the font, and layout.

#nyc #newyorkjobs #newyorkpopulation #jobs #population

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