DOGS: Who owns them and who’s biting

Dog Bites by Breed (1)

When deciding what kind of data I wanted to show, my mind went straight to my favorite thing in the whole world: DOGS! As I scanned through a bunch of data on breeds, popularity, ownership, etc., I found myself overwhelmed by the lack of information and statistics there is on dog ownership in the US. I was all over the place with this assignment; I had the idea I wanted to portray but the data just wasn’t there. So as I continued looking a couple of statistics caught my eye.

I chose to use dog bites, more specifically which breeds are biting. I found an array of information, all with similar data with the exception of some breeds being flipped around. But the top 10 biters remained pretty much the same. Then it got me thinking about the age of dog owners. Over the last decade millennials have become more involved with dogs but the 30-49 age bracket still comes out on top.

In my first info graphic I used Canva and I really liked it so I used it again. It is very simple and the templates are perfect for beginners (yes I used a template). I used this particular template simply because I saw a dog on it! The colors really seemed to POP together so I tried to create my graphs to match the warm glow of the template.

This assignment really ran me through the dirt. I wanted to create something so unique that I almost went too far out of the box and it made it difficult to create. Overall I feel I did a pretty good job displaying the data.

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