Charts – Joe Touey


This infographic displaying the Philadelphia Eagles receiving and rushing yard leaders was a pleasure to make as football is a main interest of mine. I made these charts and graphs on Since this is a new program to me, I was curious to see how it worked but was slightly frustrated by some of the features. While I enjoyed the fact there were templates to use, which I took advantage of, the customizability let something to be desired. While I enjoyed how easy it was to input data, the spacing on the graphs left me frustrated. On my pie graph, the labels were impossible to control and as you’ll see there is no way of getting the labels closer to the chart without them disappearing. The research was easy as there is a statistics page on The source can be found here: The infographic took longer to do the pie chart than the bar chart but neither took exceptionally long to make. My design process was mostly choosing a template I enjoyed and using it to insert my own information. I most likely will not use Canva again but I was glad to experiment with another option.

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